Mike in Optimyz Magazine

Mike in Optimyz Magazine

Read this excellent article by Christine Beevis on Mike’s workshop in Halifax: Halifax is a running city. Most of its runners proudly cite its hills, winds and unpredictable weather as a badge of honour. It’s a city where yoga studios have mushroomed in nearly every neighbourhood and yoga mats have become a fashion accessory. So ......
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Mike in the News in Moncton

Mike in the News in Moncton

Read this interesting article in the Moncton Telegraph Journal by runner and journalist Pat OBrien...
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Mike in the Chronicle Herald

Mike in the Chronicle Herald

During Mike’s recent Eastern Canada Workshop tour, journalist and yoga practitioner Deborah Wiles interviewed Mike for the article: “Yoga program helps runners stamp out injuries” “If Mike Dennison could choose just two body parts to work on with all runners it would be their hips and their ankles. That’s right. Ankles. No...
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Mike quoted in Cross-Training Article

Mike quoted in Cross-Training Article

Photograph by: Ian Lindsay From the Vancouver Sun: “Cross Training for RunWalk” Q: Is there a big difference between yoga and runners’ yoga? A: The runners’ yoga approach focuses on activation and counter-contraction of muscles to build strength and to create stability and an increased range of motion in specific joints. The...
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Mike in IMPACT Magazine

Mike in IMPACT Magazine

Mike has written an article on Yoga for Runners for the Jan/Feb 2012 issue of IMPACT magazine. Running is a noble pursuit full of unintended consequences, and the glamour of being a runner can be quickly stripped away when confronted by injury’s rude slap. I began using yoga specifically for runners five years ago, when ......
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Yoga Made For Runners
15-Hour Instructional Program

What’s this?

It’s a 2-day, 15-hour course for devotees of running and/or yoga. If you’re interested in what happens at the intersection of running and yoga, you’ll find this program to be extremely informative and useful. This isn’t a “teacher training”, it’s for everyone, but if you do aspire to teach yoga to runners, the information presented in this course is something you’ll need.

What will we be doing?

Over the 15 hours, we’ll do about 4 hours of yoga. The rest of the time I talk a lot and give participants tons of relevant information on

  • Functional anatomy for runners
  • How to use yoga to build strength, mobility, and flexibility
  • Injury prevention and the causes of common running injuries
  • Harnessing the breath and learning how to breathe effectively while running

I weave together the yoga practice and lecture, so it’s not dry, boring, information, but real life strategies and directly applicable information to build strength and flexibility and reduce your injury risk.

Who can participate?

Everyone and anyone: from runners who’ve never done yoga, to yoga teachers who have never run, and everyone in between. The only pre-requisite is an enthusiastic and curious mind and an interest in what yoga can do for runners.

Note for Yoga Teachers: The running market is huge and overflowing with tight, injured runners who need yoga. So why aren’t you appealing directly to them and their needs? Yoga is an easy sell to runners, but it’s far more than stretching hamstrings and doing hip openers (teaser: in the course you’ll learn two reasons people with chronically tight hamstrings probably don’t need to stretch them).

Other stuff you’ll receive

  • A fifty-page training manual
  • Runner’s yoga DVD
  • Resistance band for hip strengthening
  • Awesome certificate of completion

The result

You’ll feel happy and fulfilled, and walk the earth with a renewed vigor and purpose.

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New Article:

The Imaginary Body

By Mike Dennison

If we are to truly visit yoga and plumb its depths, and if, as runners, we hope to benefit from a practice that can help us become healthy and fit in mind and body, then we must become aware of bodily sensation, the subtle but tangible quality that is the language of our body. Sensation speaks to those with a quiet mind and a patient ear, revealing the body’s secret intrigues and loud complaints. Being guided by sensation in running and in yoga means we have accepted that sensation is a phenomenon worthy of our trust and full attention….

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What is Mike Dennison’s Runners’ Yoga?

Mike Dennison’s Runners’ Yoga is a dynamic, running-specific yoga program that includes challenging postures fused with conscious, focused breathing techniques to create a potent practice for mind and body. The Runners’ Yoga system will transform even the most inflexible and injury-prone runner’s body by returning flexibility and suppleness to the muscles, opening tight, compressed joints and stabilizing the core muscles. As well, muscles that have been weakened by injury, extreme tightness or repetitive stress will regain their dynamic strength.

The energizing and grounding core breathing will focus the mind and dramatically increase body awareness. And a psychological toughness or mental stamina is cultivated by learning to focus the mind on the breathing and body even while performing the deep stretches. This system, in particular its three founding principals, Prevention, Rehabilitation and Education, will build a body and mind that will prepare you for the mental and physical challenges we all face as runners.

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Excerpts from Mike’s Runners’ Yoga DVD

Produced & Directed by Craig Anderl.

“This program has exceeded my needs in preparing for all my upcoming races. Most of my race injuries are . . . gone since attending the classes.”
- John
“Excellent class, best I’ve taken.”
- Lisa

“I’ve been dealing with a difficult case of plantar fasciitis – it’s taken a long time to heal and this class has really helped.”
- Ashlee

“I feel stronger and more flexible, and definitely more stable while running (all reasons I joined the class). I enjoy the challenge and look forward to it every week.”
- Rosie

“I like the way it challenges me to breathe properly through difficulty . . . it is helping strengthen and open my flexibility.”
- Bill

“Runners’ yoga has been helpful in reducing my pain and help me recover from my soft tissue injuries. Thank you!”
- Rick

“Yoga for runners with Mike has exceeded my expectations. The breath work has helped my running and daily activities. Mike gives good constructive feedback, is gentle, yet encourages participants to push themselves too. Great class!”
- Lara

“Enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor – every class is different, with effective postures and information. Mike offers helpful adjustments and alternatives . . . to personalize instructions. I will definitely try this class again!”
- Melanie

“A great adjunct to rehab for injuries that prevent running. My feet and ankles have never felt better.”
- Sydney

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