Running injuries are a physical and psychological blow to our system. If you do get injured there’s small consolation in the fact that you have plenty of company, because one of the sad facts of running is that lots of people get hurt. If running injuries were a communicable disease, they would easily qualify as a pandemic.

This is where yoga comes in. The Runners’ Yoga system is an incredibly effective therapeutic tool for rehabilitating running injuries. A crucial, but often overlooked part of the healing process is maintaining strength, flexibility, body weight and cardiovascular fitness while waiting for the injury to heal. But simply resting an injury is not sufficient. Because tissue injuries will not return to their original, optimal functioning on their own after a injury, full and proper rehabilitation is essential to avoid re-injury. Re-injury can result if the tissue has not been strengthened or other related physical factors have not been addressed. The Runners’ Yoga system applies a therapeutic touch not just to the injured area, but the entire body, developing a strong, injury-resistant body that will enable you to achieve your fitness goals.

One important caveat: I don’t recommend yoga for most new running injuries – soft tissue injuries in particular – at least within 72 hours of becoming hurt.  If you are injured, get an assessment from a qualified expert if you think it’s necessary (but please read this excellent N.Y. Times article for a take on that). Otherwise, allow the injury to calm down, perhaps applying R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, elevation) to the injured area. One injury where yoga could be appropriate immediately post-diagnosis would be a stress fracture (excluding spinal fractures). Runners’ Yoga will get you back on your feet and running again, stronger and fitter than before you were hurt.